Science teaching, science learning

sharing evidence-based practices for undergraduate science faculty 

  • Identification of potential phosphorylation sites
  • development of a method to isolate YCK2 from S. Cerevisiae
  • investigation of a phosphorylation "docking site" as a regulatory mechanism

CK1 protein kinases:

collaborative undergraduate research 

In course-based research experiences and independent research experiences, undergraduates at Centenary College investigated conserved features in CK1 protein kinases via bioinformatics, molecular modeling, and molecular biology, using the model yeast protein Yck2.

Proteomics publications

During my post-doc with Professor Don Hunt at University of Virginia, I developed and applied mass spectrometry-based proteomics methods to investigate various signaling mechanisms. 

Example topics

STEM education publications

I am interested in how findings from cognitive and educational psychology translate to undergraduate STEM courses as well as how meaningful research experiences can be incorporated into credit-bearing biology courses. 

example projects

  • creating and using effective educational videos
  • adapting test-enhanced learning for STEM courses
  • developing a course-based research experience with bioinformatics, molecular modeling, and molecular biology techniques

isoketal/isolevuglandin publications

During my graduate work with Professor L. Jackson Roberts II, I characterized a series of highly reactive free radical-catalyzed lipid peroxidation products and the protein adducts they form.