building faculty development opportunities 

Some of the workshops I offer are targeted toward helping groups of faculty drive their own faculty development.  We learn so much from peers and from concrete examples, so department-specific, faculty-driven processes can be particularly rewarding ways to help people think about how to make choices in their own teaching. Turning curriculum development or teaching innovations into SoTL projects can be a great addendum, giving faculty members additional opportunities for reflection and for recognition for the work they've done. 


  • Flipping the classroom
  • Writing multiple choice questions
  • Using test-enhanced learning
  • Effective educational videos: Principles and guidelines
  • Making choices: A framework for evidence-based teaching
  • Scaffolding meaningful learning experiences


The workshops I offer typically fall into the categories described below. I try to develop each workshop so that it is grounded in the literature, adapted for the participants, and structured to provide opportunities for participant work and collaboration. 

adopting particular teaching approaches

Some of the presentations and workshops I offer intend to introduce participants to a new teaching approach or to help them modify a teaching approach they're currently using. I strive for these workshops to provide a solid grounding in the pedagogy of interest and to provide time for participants to discuss how it should be adapted for their particular context--and, sometimes, to begin the preparation process.  

Science teaching, science learning

sharing evidence-based practices for undergraduate science faculty